About Nusantara Marine

Nusantara Marine is an International offshore services company based in Jakarta-Indonesia,
specializing in submarine fiber optic and power cable, energy. renewable industry, and offshore
global recruitment.
Operating globally, we strive to create a capable, reliable, and sustainable business ecosystem where
our professionals can secure the career they deserve and our clients could have an easy access the
best talents in our industries.

We create the most suitable ecosystem in our job portal with a comprehensive recruitment planning
to select the best candidates that covers everything from an interview, selection process, work visas
to payroll and from compliance to safety inductions.
Taking strength from our impressive track records in submarine cable, offshore services, RSO, man
power supply and dedication for an excellence, Nusantara Marine continues to be an influential
recruitment company that moving aggressively from innovating, data processing, IT system, and
progressing – evident by development of our landmark programs such as the Zero Harm initiative
and the Greenhand program.

With our vast experiences, Nusantara Marine is dedicated to ensure that we are always at the
frontier of everything to personnel recruitment and business solutions in submarine cable, marine,
energy and renewable industries.

Our History
Nusantara marine started in Jakarta in 2020 as a contractor submarine fiber optic and
power cable. Provided cable specialists to submarine cable industry and offshore industries,
Led by expert seafarers with vast knowledge of the industry and connections to influential
marine organizations globally, Nusantara marine opened a job portal ecosystem to make
more easy to our clients to source capable and experienced personnel for various
operations in our online system.

Our Mission and Vision
We want to become the most reliable job portal for our clients by being committed to provide
a safe, experienced, competent and happy workforce withing the niches we operate at the
frontier of submarine cable, energy, offshore and renewables.

We believe every professional, vessel, client and operations deserve the level of attention,
dedication and respect Nusantara Marine provides.
Nusantara Marine is focused on innovation, growth, dedication and excellence, and strive
to provide what is best for our clients and professionals and to introduce sustainable
solutions to all of our partners by ensuring we were always there when there was a need.
Thanks to our dedication to adopt the best practices our industries have to offer, we have
grown into a state where we can provide in our ecosystems a skilled professionals to expert
clients across the oceans. Thanks to our dedicated staff members and their full innovative
ways within the industry.

We go above and beyond to get to know your requirements, and the Contractors that
we will be supplying to your projects in our online systems.. We get to know their
strengths, weaknesses, teamwork and communication skills, so that you can make
informed decisions about your team composition.
At Nusantara Marine, we promote teamwork at every stage of the process. By
working together, with a clear understanding of requirements, project specifics and
challenges, we can develop a proper per-mobilization induction (as required) to help
increase the chances of success.
We know that sometimes, things do not go according to plan. We will be open and
work with you to find solutions that help and not hinder your project. We take our
responsibility seriously and will communicate openly at all times.
We have a global network of Contractors, comprehensive insurance package
including Professional Indemnity in line with industry requirements and experienced
logistics teams to assist in navigating international requirements.

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